Overclocked MP3 Deluxe Album Pack


Includes all Overclocked tracks AND 3 Overclocked Bonus Tracks AND Digital Liner Booklet. Recent quotes about Overclocked: "He almost smokes the strings off his guitar in a shocking display of electric fretboard mayhem." -Dave Rubin, KBA Winner in Journalism “…if Eddie Van Halen had played the Blues he would've sounded like Jim Allchin." -Barrel House Blues, September 2011

This offer contains:

-Willow Tree
-Back in the Swamp
-Don't Tell Me What to Do
-One for the Money
-Dr. J
-Mr. Unknown
-Perfect Game
-Just Playin with Me
-The One
-Opening My Eyes to Love
-Seattle Strut [Overclocked Bonus Track]
-Mr. Unknown [Overclocked Bonus Track remix ]
-Flirt [Overclocked Bonus Track Electronic remix]
-Overclocked (Liner Digital Booklet)

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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