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The complete song collection from Jim Allchin. Includes all songs from Decisions, Q.E.D., and Overclocked. Also includes all bonus tracks from those albums

This offer contains:

-Willow Tree
-Back in the Swamp
-Don't Tell Me What to Do
-One for the Money
-Dr. J
-Mr. Unknown
-Perfect Game
-Just Playin with Me
-The One
-Opening My Eyes to Love
-Seattle Strut [Overclocked Bonus Track]
-Mr. Unknown [Overclocked Bonus Track remix ]
-Flirt [Overclocked Bonus Track Electronic remix]
-Overclocked (Liner Digital Booklet)
-Stop and Go
-Gettin Old
-You Reap What You Sow
-Trust Me
-Thinking of You
-Runnin Away
-Tried and True
-Come On Home
-No Way Out
-Come on Home [Acoustic]
-Runnin Away [Acoustic]
-Lie to Me
-Come on Home feat. Martin Ross
-Evil Minded Woman Remix
-Jim Allchin (Liner Digital Booklet) - Q.E.D
-Artificial Life
-The Mexican End
-Bad Decisions
-Healing Ground feat. Keb' Mo'
-Blew Me Away
-She Is It
-Just Plain Sick
-You Might Be Wrong
-After Hours
-Don't Care
-Stop Hurting Me
-My Father's Eyes
-Killin Me
-Jim Allchin (Decisions Liner Digital Booklet)

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